Muse's Art Walk After Party at HD Buttercup

— by Caroline on Crack


LACMA’s Muse Art Walk After Party at HD Buttercup looks like a must-do this Saturday. So much is going on what with live performances, djs spinning all night long, and lots of free liquor that I’m thinking of skipping the 2nd Annual Culver City Art Walk altogether just so I have enough energy for the after party.

In the daytime from noon to 8pm, art lovers are welcome to check out the Culver City art scene via a self-guided walking tour through the 40 art galleries in the area where you can meet gallery owners, artists and fellow art lovers/collectors. Sounds exhausting, right?

But then again a dance party with cultured hipsters may be just the ticket after a long day of expanding horizons.

Special party features:

  • Free drinks from Absolut Pear, Grolsch, and Two Tone Farm Wineries
  • Hors d’oeuvres from Beacon, Bluebird Cafe, Border Grill and Cuidad
  • djs and live performance by Giant Drag
  • HD Buttercup setting so you can party and peruse pretty furniture — watch where you set that cocktail down though

**EVENT: SATURDAY, JUNE 2 from 8pm to 11pm

H.D. Buttercup Manufacturer Furniture Mart
3225 Helms Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90034
Tickets: $32