Colorado Wine Company: Wine Taster's Choice

— by Caroline on Crack

Gladiator syrah

If you love wine but aren’t a wine expert, I’ve got the perfect wine store/bar for you where you can explore, learn, shop and taste: the Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock. Here, you don’t have little written descriptions of the wine telling you what it tastes like and why you should buy it, rather you have the knowledgeable, friendly salespeople at the store/bar to help you with your selection.

At first I thought, “Great, now I’ll feel pressured to buy it.” But when I told the guy that I was looking for a full-bodied red (I like Zin or Syrah) under $15 he pointed me to the right shelf, gave me several intriguing suggestions and then left me alone to ponder the selection. I totally trusted that he knew what he was talking about and didn’t feel bad for spending so little as he had “the perfect wine and it’s only $14.99.” Ni-ice.

Erin of

Erin’s Kitchen, Dre and I checked out Colorado Wine Company during its Wine Cellar Wednesdays where you can pull any bottle of wine off the shelves and drink it by the glass without having to pay the $10 corkage fee. There are also six different wines available by the glass which range in price from $4 to $12. Cool, we like Wine Cellar Wednesdays!

There are also Lazy Sunday Wine Tastings which, for $12, you get to enjoy a nice, quiet afternoon sipping two whites and two reds and nibbling on the gourmet cheeses from Auntie Em’s Marketplace (yes, the same place with those cupcakes). And Wine Tasting Fridays and Sangria Saturdays sound like they shouldn’t be missed either. I would go if this place wasn’t over 20. Miles. Away. Boo.

The first wine we tried was the Gladiator Syrah, right up my alley in price and taste. So full-bodied, smokey and yum. We sipped on that and I continued to browse the selection: the Californians, the Chileans, the Spanish, Italian, Mexican, etc. So many to choose from.

And just when I wished there was a description to help me in my decision, the salesman popped up. I pulled one of the Cote du Rhones from the wall display and asked him if it was a good one. “Oh yeah! That’s my absolute favorite…oh wait, no it’s not. That one is horrible! I thought it was this one.” I loved that he said that! And he pulled a neighboring Cotes du Rhone off the shelf below it. The price was right, I’ll take it! I spent about $40 altogether at this place. Not too bad. Now I have a delightful Viognier to enjoy this holiday weekend.

I love this wine store. So much better than even my favorite Wine House in West L.A. because of the personal service and the fact that you can try the wine right there on the spot. There are tall cafe-style tables and chairs in the front or you can lounge around on the sofas in the dimly lit back room where there’s the bar and the guy you go to to get your choice uncorked.

They don’t serve food, just, um, pita chips, but you’re more than welcome to order food from elsewhere and enjoy it there. Just not on Fridays or Saturdays.

If I ever have another wine bar bus tour, I told the guy that I’d love to include their venue since it’s so awesome. Unfortunately, they currently are open til 9pm Tuesday through Saturday, but he said that they’re working on extending their hours to midnight. Yay!

2114 Colorado Boulevard
Eagle Rock, California 90041
(323) 478-1985