This Weekend: Don't Take Your Mama Out

— by Caroline on Crack


Mom gets one special day this weekend. Maybe a couple of hours at the most for that thanks-for-being-my-mom Sunday brunch where you have to be her little sunshine. But what do you do all the other hours of the weekend when you’re itching to be your dark and drunk self? I got some ideas for you.


Irregular Wine Tasting at the Echo: The Wines of Canaletto of Italy

For the 35th edition of this vino celebration, enjoy six wines paired with six songs from Johnny Moped of Croydon on the lovely outdoor patio of the Echo. Learn about the wines, nosh on treats provided by Gelson’s, make new friends with your wine tasting companions and rock out.


Two such dark tours that might make you whimper, “Mommy!”: a graveyard tour and a bus tour of Raymond Chandler’s lonely Los Angeles. In the Hollywood Forever Walking Tour, FilmRadar‘s Karie Bible guides you past the mausoleums, monuments and gardens of Hollywood’s cemetery, where stars like Rudolph Valentino and Johnny Ramone came to rest.

  • 12pm. Tickets: Two-hour tour for $10; no reservations necessary.

Or check out Esotouric’s Raymond Chandler tour of L.A. where you’ll explore downtown, Hollywood and other mean streets that shaped Chandler’s fiction. Five hours of discovering the lonely side of L.A. Bring a basket of comfort food and drink to make yourself feel better.

  • 1-6pm. Tickets: $55. Click here for purchase.


Beer seems to be the big theme for Mother’s Day what with LAX’s Banana Split Sundae free kegger on the dancefloor (10pm-2am) and $3 pitchers of beer at Silverlake Lounge’s Beer Bust (9pm-2am). I wonder why that is?

Also, the Standard’s Rooftop Bar takes you to the Gateway Near Heaven, a hot party where DJ Pelau spins funk, soul and reggae.

  • 9pm-1:30am. No cover.