Good Cheap Wine: McLaren Vale Kangarilla Road 2004 Shiraz

— by Caroline on Crack


Gearing up for my fab wine bar bus tour, Dre and I acquainted our friend Jules with the wonders of Vinum Populi. After spending several hours there, Dre bought a bottle of one of her favorite wines she sampled to bring to her bf. Customers get 30% off any bottle bought at VP. But when we got home, we broke open my $14.99 bottle of McLaren Vale Kangarilla Road 2004 Shiraz I had picked up from the Wine House since we weren’t done imbibing yet.

My friend Scott, a Wine House regular, had recommended the Shiraz since he’s good at picking out cheap but tasty wine. And he was right on with this one. Robert Parker had given it 92 points and Steven Tanzer 90; very good scores and did I mention this bottle was only $14.99?

As soon as we poured it, we couldn’t wait to drink it. Very dark in color, light couldn’t even penetrate its crimson. As for taste, the wine was full-bodied and not too tannic — qualities I love since I dislike bitter aftertaste. It was also very flavorful but not overpowering. Dre said, “It’s just yummy. And it tastes better than the wine I bought at VP.” She had spent $26 for that one.

Wine tastings are always a fun way to find something pleasing for your palate but can be pricey. But for a cheapy yet sure hit, check out the Wine House for their recommendations.

BTW, all my crackheads who sign up for the wine bar bus tour, come see me when you get to Bodega De Cordova. I’ve got something for ya.

Wine House
2311 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90064
(310) 231-0316