Going Native: Not For Tourists LA 2007 Release Bash

— by Caroline on Crack


Before the Internet I used to rely heavily on guidebooks to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do around L.A. Not For Tourists L.A. was one of the standout guides since it not only covered fun to-dos but also mundane necessities like neighborhood car washes, gas stations, and grocery stores. It even broke neighborhoods down to local-knowledge level. But who reads books nowadays? Fortunately, NFT, whose guidebooks are huge in New York, has a pretty nifty newish online L.A. guide for the Web-inclined.

But for those of you who still keep a copy of the Yellow Pages and a Thomas Guide around, you can get a free copy of NFT (normally $21.95) at the Not For Tourists LA 2007 Release Bash to add to your just-in-case-the-Internet-dies stack. Sure you gotta trek to Highland Park, wherever that is, for it but they threw free booze in there, too, at this launch party as an extra incentive.

BTW, the NFT site also sells 24×36-inch posters of neighborhood maps. You just specify which of the 57 LA neighborhoods available you’d like and whether you want icons printed on the map and you’re good to go. I think it’s neato cuz I have a thing for maps.


2640 N. Figueroa Street
Highland Park, California 90065
(323) 221-6900