Tonight's Guerrilla Gay Bar Target: Brennan's

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by itsxtian

Flickr Shot by itsxtian

So the communique from GGB HQ has come in and Thursday’s target is Brennan’s Irish Pub in Marina Del Rey. I’m so excited about it. Ever since I heard about Guerrilla Gay Bar takeovers from Jonathan via comments on my Bar Lubitsch post, I’ve been wanting to check it out myself. It’s a genius idea: Once a month, Guerrilla Gay Bar legions take over a straight bar for one night only. It’s a great flash mob-type event for gays (and shhhh, straights) sick of the same ol’ bar scene.

And this month’s venue is very different indeed: Brennan’s, home of the turtle races. In honor of the fighting turtles at the pub as well as TMNT‘s release, attendees are encouraged to come out in green. “Either that or a really good Shredder costume,” says the communique. In any case since the turtle races take place outside behind the bar, make sure to dress for the weather.

There are two rounds of racing and are held about an hour apart. You can bring your own turtle, or rent one from the bar.

Of course now that GGB has gotten a lot of press I’m sure the legions who turn out for this one will be huuge so get there at 9 sharp to beat the crowds.

BTW, you can join the revolution by signing up on GGB’s emailing list and/or RSVPing.


Brennan’s Irish Pub
4089 Lincoln Boulevard
Marina Del Rey, California 90292