Glamour Shots and Boogie at the Mountain Bar

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Sgt. Gooch
Flickr Shot (detail) by Sgt. Gooch

You know you’ve always been curious but probably played it off by making fun of them when you passed the photography studio in the mall. Admit it, though, secretly you wondered how you’d look in a Glamour Shot. Cheesy background, cheesy Sears Catalog smile, chin on back of your hand in a mock thoughtful pose, airbrushed til you were a blur. Well now’s your chance to get one done and all in the guise of a cool L.A. nightlife thing to do. At the Mountain Bar in Chinatown, this unique party has the glamourizing photogs upstairs and the house-spinning djs and hard liquor downstairs. But remember to get your shots done before the liquoring begins. Although a drunk glamour shot could be a laugh riot that you’ll want to remember and hold dear forever.

EVENT: FRIDAY, MARCH 23 from 9pm to 2am

The Mountain Bar
473 Gin Ling Way
Los Angeles, California 90012
(213) 625-7500
Amount: $5