uWink Bistro's 24 TV Show Viewing Party

— by Caroline on Crack


Nothing is more fun than getting together with like-minded souls and cringing, yelling and cheering in unison. Since I’m not a big sports fan, I’ll content myself with uWink Bistro’s weekly 24 viewing party. Fans of the show can converge on the media bar every Monday night to catch their man in action. That’s right, Jack Bauer projected larger than life on the walls. Sigh!

Consider yourself a 24 expert? During the commercial breaks, you can go head to head against other fans via your touchscreen table at a bout of 24 trivia. Those who win get prizes such as free dessert, T-shirts, etc. (If you’ve got some pretty good stumpers of your own, email them to Brian (at) uwink.com. The best trivia question will get a prize.)

Would be awesome if they did the 24 drinking game, too. They do serve cocktails at uWink, hmmm maybe I’ll just start it at my table.

EVENT: MONDAY NIGHTS (thru May 21) from 8pm-10pm

Westfield Promenade
6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard #2310
Woodland Hills, California 91367
(818) 992-1100