Caroline on Crack Happy Hour at the Royale

— by Caroline on Crack

Hey all, I wanted to invite you to a get-together I’m throwing at the fab Royale on Wilshire tomorrow night. I’ve been wanting to have an event there ever since I first set foot in that lounge last month. It’s so pretty and big and empty on a weekday — perfect for a gathering. I thought about having a singles mixalot, or maybe saving it for my bday or perhaps kicking off a girls’ night there, but in the end grabbing drinks with my crackhead readers and friends seemed like the best reason of all. My dream is to make this a regular thing, where we can get together at random happy hours around the city each month. A flash mob happy hour if you will.

Happy hour drink specials run til 8 with $4 well drinks and $5 martinis (so cheap!), and a dj will be manning the turntables til 8:30. We can take up the 30-person booth and get all cozy with our cocktails. I hope to see you there — regular commenters, lurkers, fellow bloggers and buddies alike. The shindig starts at 7 and runs til…I’m ready to leave (it is a school night after all). Come and have a drink with me or stop by and say, “‘ello, crackhead!”


2619 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90057
(213) 388-8488
Cross Street: Rampart Boulevard