FREE TICKETS: L.A. Barhopper Mystery Party Bus

— by Caroline on Crack

Courtesy of L.A. Barhopper
Hey all, I was able to score a couple of FREE tickets (usually $29.99) to this Saturday’s Mystery Barhopping Party Bus Tour a la L.A. Barhopper. Surprisingly I have yet to hop on board one of these bad boys but this Saturday I’m going to give it a go. Anyone care to join me? The first of my crackheads who would like the pair, drop me a note here and it’s yours.

Courtesy of L.A. Barhopper It’s going to be a blast. We’re going to meet at Joxer Daly’s in Culver City at 8 for some free food and $5 Guinness just to get things started. M’kay? And then we hit the road. There will be four downtown bars but which ones remains a mystery. (Although I will say that one of them has been on my list of bars to check out for months now.) Suffice it to say that they aren’t fancy like the Edison. Besides I think it’s understood that barhoppers don’t need to dress up. You can’t very well stumble around while you’re already teetering on 3-inch heels. Nope, I’m going to be in my barhopping uniform: jeans, a T-shirt and my favorite Converse.

So come out, hold onto your flask (it’s also BYOB on the bus if you’re that insistent about getting plastered) and enjoy the ride. No worries about DUIs, cover charges and forgetting where you parked your car. Instead, here, you get drinking games, drink specials and lots of new friends.

Of course if you want to bring a group along, I can’t help you there but can point you to the site where you can buy more tickets. Right here.

EVENT: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 from 8pm to 2am

Joxer Daly’s
11168 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90230
(310) 838-3745