All About Walken: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

— by Caroline on Crack

I love Christopher Walken. I love him for “More Cowbell,” his “Weapon of Choice” dance moves, “The Continental” lover that he is and so much more. So it was really exciting news to hear that there’s a play out there solely consisting of eight actors doing their best Walken impressions.

From LA Weekly:

Walken’s gleeful insanity is realized when director O’Sullivan challenges his band of Walkens to new Walken frontiers — an all-Walken Wizard of Oz , a loopy feminine spray commercial, a Q&A called “Talking to Walken,” and a threatening karaoke cover of “These Boots Were Made for…”

In All About Walken, the actors also perform the best scenes from some of this iconic actor’s movies. The players range in age and race but all pay tribute to the man with that same cadence, that same strange accent and that same intensity. Who doesn’t love a good Walken impression? And reviews for the show have been good but I can’t help but wonder if it gets old or if its funny throughout. Only one way to find out. What better way to spend a Monday evening? (If there’s a 24/Prison Break repeat, that is.)

What makes Walken so appealing? He’s so dead serious about everything that you can’t help but laugh.

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