V-Day Follow-Up: What Did YOU Do Last Night?

— by Caroline on Crack


For my V-Day, I ended up grabbing drinks with some single girlfriends at the Arsenal (cuz they wanted to go somewhere near my place even tho that Air Conditioned Lonely Hearts Club thing sounded promising). And that was disappointing. As I had expected there were a lot of girls and a lot of couples out. I knew boys don’t care about this holiday but I figured they would know that on V-Day night their chances of hooking up? Pretty high. Ah well.

With all the buildup to Valentine’s Day and all that scrambling around finding things to do, I just wondered what you all ended up doing last night. Was it fun? Boring? Exceeded your expectations? Who had a great bar scene? Which one was lame? Or did you end up just watching that rerun of Lost (Mikey!). Do tell!