Cartoons Never Say "Die": The Animation Show 3

— by Caroline on Crack

rejected-crumple.jpgAnimation is called “the single most misunderstood film medium” but so what? Just as long as it’s entertaining to watch, oh, and edumacational. Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis & Butthead) and Academy Award-nominated animator Don Hertzfeldt (Rejected) have curated an annual feature-length collection of the best animated shorts from around the world meant to spread the word about this sadly devalued medium.

From UCLA Live:

The Animation Show launched in 2003, making it the first festival of animation created and produced with actual animators at the helm…. Every year the Show works diligently to put animated shorts into more theaters than any festival in American history: giving these filmmakers the wide exposure their work deserves and sharing their short masterpieces on the big screen, where they belong.

When I first heard about

The Animation Show 3, I was eh about it. Back in the day I was all about MTV’s Liquid Television and the Spike & Mike festivals…and suddenly I wasn’t. But then I saw Hertzfeldt’s Rejected and was grossed out, intrigued, confused and laughing at my computer screen, so now I must go.

There are still general admission tickets ($10) for both shows available through Ticketmaster. Yeah, I said “general admission” but I don’t know if that means you have to get there early to insure a good seat or what. My actual ticket has a row and seat section though so hmm. I also opted to pay a couple of extra bucks to get my tickets through TM’s TicketFast system just so I wouldn’t have to wait in line the day of the show at will call.

Can’t wait! BTW, if you miss this one, it will also be showing at the Rialto in South Pasadena on February 15.


Los Angeles, California 90024
Box office: (310) 825-2101