Teeny Tiny Bubbles: Bubbly Hour at French 75

— by Caroline on Crack


I was so looking forward to the Bubbly Hour at French 75 when I first heard about it. Champagne cocktails for half the price? Sweet! But French 75 had a number of strikes against it, first and foremost it’s located in a mall. But I had to check out that happy hour nevertheless.

So I dragged my friends over there 26 minutes before happy hour ended at 7 and we ordered two cocktails each. We would have partook of appetizer specials but there weren’t any. When I asked the server, she gestured to the cup of potato chips placed before us as if that should have been enough. Uh. No. But on the restaurant’s Web site it made mention of complimentary hors d’oeuvres. And we were able to grab a sample from a passed plate of cut-up grilled brie sandwich, yum! But that was it.

So we took a look at the lounge menu to see if there was anything that could sate our hunger. Unfortunately, the plates ranged in price from $6 to $20. Their artisan cheese plate was $19.95 for chrissakes! Nah, not so much. But the actual happy hour special was only 50% off the champagne cocktails and a carafe of wine for the price of a glass. THAT sounded cool if the carafe was an actual carafe…but instead it was 9 ounces, so really a glass and a half of wine. WTF?

So we each ordered our champagne cocktails. I got the Parisian Blonde and a Wild Peach Kir ($5.47 each) and both were pretty good. I liked the latter better since it was sweeter. I’ve heard that the champagne used for the happy hour cocktails is below par but since I’m not a champagne expert they were fine to me. All I know is that they were pretty effective at getting me buzzed. But for the prices and the location, I say “boo” to their happy hour. Dre even said, “I wouldn’t come here even if it was on someone else’s dime…unless I hated them a lot.” True dat.

Why am I not swearing off this place as a PINSMFA? Cuz I don’t feel strongly enough about it to. I think it’s because of the restaurant/bar’s Parisian beauty. Loved the red lighting, the dark wood, and the beautiful Art Deco-ish light fixtures. There was also live music with a guy playing upright bass as well as a pianist. And I might be inclined to stop by for a happy hour cocktail before I shop the mall. But the allure of the romantic decor and the intriguing specialty cocktail list are negated by the hauts prix. Quel dommage.

10250 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90067
(310) 788-0700