For Your Inner Chef: Sur La Table's Winter Clearance Sale

— by Caroline on Crack

Picture 1.png

Even though I don’t cook…all that much ::cough, cough::…I loooovvve browsing Sur La Table. And I just know that if I had a kitchen stocked with all those gourmet cookware goodies I’d be more apt to make my own meals or at least try to. As it is, Wustof knives and Le Creuset cookware are luxuries I can’t afford, especially since I eat out a lot anyway.

But since we’re up to the last week of Sur La Table’s Winter Clearance Sale, lots of things have been marked down to 75%. The sale ends tomorrow, February 1, so stock up while prices are still fairly reasonable. If you can’t find what you want at the store, try Sur La Table’s Web site.

301 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90401
310) 395-0390