Shop Intuition's Sale IRL

— by Caroline on Crack

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I’ve passed this women’s clothes store Intuition on Pico Boulevard lots of times on my way to John O’Groats and Westside Pavilion and never realized that it’s actually the real-life storefront for, expensive online store to the stars.

From CitySearch:

This celeb-favorite shop shows up in the gossip mags every week for a reason: its of-the-moment wares are sure to keep both starlets and average folks looking red carpet ready.

I think I would have continued to overlook it if it hadn’t been mentioned by random strangers while I was waiting for a seat at O’Groats. One was the O’Groats host who asked the waiting crowd on the sidewalk if anyone had the silver Honda Accord parked in the back and then when no one answered he grumbled to himself, “Probably went to Intuition.” Later a young, hip couple emerged from the restaurant, and the 20-something girl twirled and said, “Intuition is over there” while her bf put more money into the parking meter.

Target CoutureAfter breakfast, I drove past the store and noticed that there were “Sale” signs plastered all over its windows. Normally I would be excited by such a sight but I knew better. Having perused in the past, I knew “sale” to them is a $100 scarf marked down to $69. I mean, they turned everyone’s fave cheapy department store, Target, into couture. (A cashmere hoodie with the Target logo for $330? Eeesh.)

So what’s the point of my bringing this sale to your attention in the first place? Cuz on the site it’s actually harder to shop than it is in person simply for the fact that prices aren’t listed on the pages with the thumbnails but you have to click each and every one to see how much they cost. Time-consuming and tedious. So shopping in person at Intuition especially when you get to try things on as well as look at the sales tag? A good thing.

10581 W. Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90064
(310) 234-8442

Mon-Thurs 10-6
Fri-Sat 10-5
Sunday 12-5