Bread & Porridge: The Secret to a Mellow Morning

— by Caroline on Crack

Bread & Porridge cafe

I wish there were more hours in the morning. I don’t get to do this often if at all since I don’t wake up early enough, but I’d love to just go to Starbucks, grab a caramel macchiato and surf the Web on my laptop to ease into the day. Unfortunately, the Starbucks near my place is usually packed with morning commuters during the weekdays AND the chain charges for WiFi use.

So I was thrilled when I discovered that one of my fave breakfast spots, Bread & Porridge in Santa Monica (fantastic Shepherd’s Scramble btw), has an apparently secret cafe filled with plush chocolate leather couches and ottomans.

I say “secret” because when I went one weekday morning a little after 9, the room was completely empty. Strange considering that B&P is a popular breakfast spot and the adjacent dining room was buzzing with diners. But maybe that was the thing. People usually go here for the breakfast with no clue that this lovely other room is actually a cafe where you can grab a latte, plop on the leather couch and surf the Web on your laptop for free to your heart’s content. Yes, complimentary WiFi for customers.

With plenty of comfortable seating, attentive waiters, morning sunshine filling the room and palm fronds abound, it almost feels like you’re in someone’s beautiful living room. The only thing is that they don’t make caramel macchiatos, and they don’t serve breakfast in the cafe. If you want strawberry pancakes and French-pressed coffee, wait for a seat in the dining room. Sure, it might be awhile but if you want a large yummy breakfast it’s worth it. In the cafe, you only have a choice of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and banana nut bread as well as standard espresso drinks. Nothing fancy.

But for a meditative morning without a steady stream of undercaffeinated commuters and bellowing baristas, I think I’m willing to make the tradeoff.

2315 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90403
(310) 453-4941
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-2pm; Sat-Sun 7am-3pm