Dial "C" for Crazy: ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset

— by Caroline on Crack

Retro handset

I saw this and now I want one…so badly: the ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset ($39.99). My friend/co-worker Julie ordered hers off ThinkGeek.com and brought it over to my desk to show it off. I called her on her cell and she answered through the handset; this ridiculously huge old-fashioned handset.

At first I laughed at its preposterousness. “Um, I think you’re missing the point, Julie.” “No. I think you’re missing the point,” she laughed. “It’s just funny so that people will think that you’re crazy.

“Can you imagine walking through a convention center talking on this thing?” she went on, and proceeded to pantomime walking and gesturing that she was in Aisle C while shouting into the handset.

“Yeah, but you can’t drive and talk on that thing at the same time! It’s so the opposite of convenient.” Me and my eavesdropping co-workers laughed and pointed at poor Julie. In this day and age? Getting telephone neck?

But then when I tried it out myself and held it in my hand, I suddenly wanted one. I forgot how much I missed these heavy handsets. It feels so solid. You can use it as a weapon, you can break through glass with it or you can just use it to bewilder strangers in public areas.

I imagined myself walking down the Promenade chatting away on one. Simply awesome. I told Julie that she should attach it to her head using a headband. Now, THAT would be funny.