Ooh, I Wanna Go Here: Chakra Cuisine

— by Caroline on Crack

Damon Winter / LAT

Damon Winter / LATimes

I saw this in CalendarLive and was instantly intrigued. Chakra Cuisine, a new bar/restaurant, opened up in Beverly Hills and offers seven different cocktails for your seven different chakras. I’ve heard of drinking to cure what ails you but never on this level.

From CalendarLive:

Anahata, the green chakra of the heart and emotions, looked like the ticket, since it governs balance. Or ajna, the chakra of the third eye, which the chart said was responsible for self-realization.

I consulted the menu to see which sounded better. Anaha, the green one, had Midori, Malibu Rum, pineapple juice, Sprite and Pucker sour apple schnapps.

Although the review said the cocktails “were, well, OK” and the happy hour prices don’t make me happy ($7 for a happy hour cocktail or appetizer?), I still want to check it out for myself. Ya see, looking over their site, not only do they have wine from one of my favorite wineries, Ferrari-Carano, and the provocative chakratinis but they have the always intriguing-sounding dessert drink menu! Unfortunately the online bar menu seems to be suffering from a glitch since it keeps listing the wine list no matter which drink menu you pick. That’s why I must see it (and taste it) for myself.

Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 4 to 7pm.

151 S. Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90211
(310) 246-3999