Hurry Curry of Tokyo: Mmm, Curry

— by Caroline on Crack


Exploring our new neighborhood, Dre and I had stopped by Hurry Curry of Tokyo, not to be confused with the Indian Hurry Curry in Mar Vista, for a quick lunch. At a little after 1pm on a Saturday, there were ample seats available so we were seated promptly. Looking at the menu, I skipped over the popular chicken cutlet curry for the chicken curry since when I had tried it years ago I vaguely remember being less than impressed by it. A chicken filet that’s lightly breaded and fried, it’s like fried chicken…but it’s not. However, looking around the restaurant it seemed all the other patrons thought otherwise as most everyone there was eating the chicken cutlet curry.

I don’t know if it was because I was hungry or what, but my order of chicken curry was sooo yummy! I got the spicy Chicken Curry ($7.50) which is a bowl of chicken curry with a plate of rice. There’s also a Light Eater’s special for a dollar less but it’s basically a smaller portion with fruit (aka two orange wedges). I had no expectations whatsoever, and true, I’m not a connoisseur of Japanese curry but for me good food is good food. The shredded chunks of chicken were tender but although I ordered spicy, it wasn’t burn-my-mouth hot. But it was still very savory and flavorful. Some people might not like the graviness of the curry sauce but I loved it. Just doled out a spoonful on a corner of my rice mound and mixed it up thoroughly.

For drinks, there was ample to choose from like pomegranate lemonade, Japanese iced coffee, Asahi and even Asian Pear martini. I’ll definitely have to try the specialty martinis next time as they all sounded yummy and I’ve heard good things about ’em.

The only bad thing about our experience, though, is that it took forever for us to get our food which was strange since Hurry Curry is known for their quick service. Hello? “Hurry” curry? And when I had gone here for lunch during the work week before, slowness wasn’t an issue at all. Maybe they were just having an off day.

At least when the food came, it tasted so good it wasn’t too hard to forgive and forget the 30 minutes it took to get there.

But overall we were happy with our restaurant around the corner and will definitely be coming back a lot. Especially since Beard Papa’s, cream puff store to the gods, is just across the street from it.

2131 Sawtelle Boulevard
West Los Angeles, California 90025

_(310) 473-1640