Safari Sam's Check Yo Ponytail: Free Jack Daniels

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr shot by Beatnikside
Flickr shot by Beatnikside

The week just got started but was Monday rough? Do you already wish it was the weekend so you can have an excuse to drink again? Yeah, I feel ya. Fortunately Safari Sam’s might just have the cure for your dark mood: FREE JACK DANIELS from 10-11pm tonight during their weekly Check Yo Ponytail par-tay!

And if that’s not enough enticement for you to come out on a Tuesday night, there will also be performances by Trainwreck (the band from the real talent behind Tenacious D, Kyle), Supafloss and Baby Dayliner as well as a dance party provided by the musical stylings of resident DJ Franki Chan.

Sure, the week just got started but it’s not so bad. A little Jack will do ya.


Safari Sam’s
5214 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90027
Admission: $10