Bustin' Out All Over: Prison Break Viewing Party?

— by Caroline on Crack


They’ve had viewing parties at bars for Melrose Place and Sex & the City why not one for Prison Break? A friend said I should try and organize this and I think it’s an awesome idea. I just have to find out 1) if there really is an audience out there for this and 2) if there’s a bar out there who wants to make some money off fans of the show. We’d definitely require many refreshments while watching Linc and “Pretty” during their exciting adventures on the lamb.

What makes a show perfect for a viewing party is action, romance and sexy actors and Prison Break has all that…for those unfamiliar with PB the romance isn’t what you think it is judging from the title of show. Plus it’s the kind of drama that makes you scream “NOOOOOO!” at the TV, which is always fun to do in large groups.

We could meet every Monday night at 8pm at a sports bar that’s central with a ton of TVs, preferably at least one large screen, and that wouldn’t mind changing the channel off sports for that one action-packed hour. I already have a couple of bars in mind, but wondered if anyone had any other suggestions and/or if you’d be interested in coming if/when I organize it.