Favorite Bartender Strikes Again: Steve at Ford's

— by Caroline on Crack

Fords 026

My head hurts. Last night I went to Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City with Dre and our friend Mark and now all I remember is a blur of chocolate drinks. Something with cherry, another one with coffee liqueur and a banana one. There were also a couple of sips from a Creamsicle drink, a Jamaican 10-Speed as well as countless others I can’t even begin to recall.

Dre and I try to hit up Ford’s at least once a week on the nights when Steve is there. It’s more than a crush now, it’s a full-blown fan club. In addition to being cute and very charismatic, he is an awesome bartender in that he always concocts new drinks for us to try and we are his willing guinea pigs.

Dre as taste tester We walk in there and he points to me and says, “Something chocolate” and to Dre and she’ll answer for him with “Anything.” She’s easy. Heh. The man knows just how to surprise and delight us.

Last night was another one of those nights after we had to beg off from the bar for a couple weeks for various reasons so at this point we were jonesin’ for our weekly ‘tini tasting with our favorite bartender.

And he outdid himself again with a flurry of delicious drinks that aren’t currently on Ford’s already fabulous cocktail menu. Hopefully they will make it on there soon and the bar will have a “martini” list that may rival that of, dare I say it, Lola’s. We tried to help of course by not only telling him what worked (everything) but what the names of the drinks should be, like “Black Forest” for the chocolate cherry cocktail and “Dirty Banana” for the chocolate banana one. Yeah, ooooh, we’re so clever.

I think Dre and I are getting scary good at this though. At one point, we were able to name all the ingredients in a particularly complex cocktail. I’m still in awe of the fact that she guessed banana liqueur.

9531 Culver Boulevard
Culver City, California 90230
(310) 202-1470
Cross Street: Washington Boulevard