In a World Where Movies Are Cheap…

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by optionthis

Flickr Shot by optionthis

When I went to see This Gun for Hire and The Blue Dahlia double feature at the New Beverly Cinema the other day, I was instantly charmed by the no-frills theatre and reminded of a time when catching a flick was a low-cost night out. Sure, there’s no stadium seating, attentive ushers or ginormous boxes of Junior Mints but you do get two movies for only $7, a concession stand with $1.50 water bottles and a concession stand cashier who actually likes to take time from her busy schedule of doling out the sweets to chat.

The Beverly Cinema has been around for nearly 30 years and is Los Angeles’ last bastion of nonstop revival cinema. They play anything classic from noir to romantic comedies to modern documentaries.

From CitySearch:

The New Beverly enjoys such a cult following because of its clever double bills. Ever wanted to see “The Seven Samurai” paired with “The Magnificent Seven”? How about “Eraserhead” and “The Elephant Man?” “The 400 Blows” and “Jules and Jim?” You can get it here.

At the concession stand, while you’re buying a frozen Snickers bar ($1.50) you can sign up for the theatre’s email list and even request the sort of genres and movies you’re into in the hopes that some of your old faves will be shown. I wanna see an Audrey Hepburn double bill of Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday or, ooh!, a horror special of Night of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead.

Upcoming shows:

  • September 1-2 Singin’ in the Rain and On the Town
  • September 3-5 Jaws and The Birds

7165 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036 
(323) 938-4038