Banksy's 3-Day Vandalized Warehouse Extravaganza

— by Caroline on Crack

No one knows where he will strike but prolific stencil graffiti artist Banksy (aka Robert Banks) from Bristol, England, will make a much anticipated “Barely Legal” L.A. appearance (or at least his work will) on September 15-17 at a super secret location that won’t be disclosed until the day of the event. Check his site September 15 to find out where.

From Wikipedia:

Banksy uses different techniques to communicate a message, which is often political and/or humorous. His original street art form, which combines graffiti with a distinctive stencilling technique, has achieved a certain underground notoriety and widespread coverage in the mainstream media.

You may recognize his work around Los Angeles as of late; it’s speculated that he’s been spending time here with some of our local artists. But Banksy’s technique is an interesting take on graffiti, normally a free-form art. And who can resist that adorable stenciled rat or the humor of it all?

So what’s this mysterious event all about? One can only imagine, judging by the scale of the phenom’s past works where he stenciled the penguin enclosure of the London Zoo and even the Palestinian side of the Israeli West Bank barrier. If anything, Banksy fans have been told to expect “a warehouse full of mindless vandalism and pretty pictures.”