Your Own Virtual Menu Drawer

— by Caroline on Crack

Menu drawer

Sometimes I just want to stay in for the day and be lazy. But since I only have baking soda and a pitcher of water in my refrigerator, starvation inevitably forces me to go out in search of food. I could order takeout somewhere but I usually throw away the menus that people leave on my door and not many restaurants post their menus online.

Fortunately, someone took it upon themselves to create, “the largest menu Web site in the world.” This is going to sound like an ad but this easy-to-navigate site allows you to search restaurants in your area, search by cuisine type and search by top user reviews. It was launched a couple of months ago but I hadn’t really had the chance to use it until yesterday when I was visiting my bro and his bf Chris.

Chris actually has a vast collection of takeout menus he’s accumulated over the years. But pouring through all those was a hassle and since we had no idea how long he’s had any of them it was hard to tell which restaurants were still around. Fortunately, I remembered and we were able to pick a cheap Thai restaurant in the vicinity right away. It helps that the L.A. menupix has over 3,000 menus in its database.

The other cool things about the site, apart from the facts that it’s free and you don’t have to register to use it, is that you can submit menus, write reviews and even create your own “menu drawer” of favorite restaurant menus.

I will never go hungry again.