Casita del Campo: The Cadillac of Margaritas

— by Caroline on Crack

Our Lady of Margaritas

I think I’ve found my go-to place for the best Cadillac margarita in L.A. It’s cheap and oh-so potent. Casita del Campo‘s Caddy ‘rita costs only $8! That’s outstanding considering that I always see good ones like this go for over $10 everywhere else.

The Cadillac isn’t listed on the menu, but a regular alerted us of its existence; and do not confuse it with the Ultimate Margarita, which doesn’t come with the float of Grand Marnier. Very important. But, yes, this cocktail was powerful with nary a taste of any margarita mix.

I had a regular margarita at El Guapo on Melrose earlier that day ($6) and THAT tasted like water compared to Casita’s concoction.

Casita del Campo also has a great-looking menu of Mexican dishes of which I, unfortunately, didn’t partake — those ran about $13.25-$15.25. But the party of nine I was with thoroughly enjoyed the Enchiladas Rencheras and Chile Verde among others. I did, however, enjoy the free tortilla chips and salsa, which tasted homemade and fresh. The chips were crispy and thick while the salsa had nice chunks of onions and tomatoes in it.

From AOL City Guide:

With its soft lighting, comfy booths, two patios and a gigantic rubber tree that covers the entire top of the restaurant, this Mexican eatery has been “in” with the Silverlake artsy set for nearly 40 years. The food is a cut above the usual Mexican fare, and includes such standout dishes as the succulent chile Colorado, the chile verde and taquitos dolloped with fresh-made guacamole, authentic pollo mole, mahi mahi and fajitas.

What sucks is that Casita is all the way in Silverlake, not very practical if you live on the Westside and want to give yourself over to the Caddy of all margaritas.

1920 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90027
(323) 662-4255