Team Turbo Blasts Off Again at Nike Run Hit Remix

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr shot by Illegal Ninja Moves

Flickr shot by Illegal Ninja Moves

My group of running fiends, Team Turbo, is reuniting for another fun run: the five-mile Nike Run Hit Remix, formerly known as Nike Run Hit Wonder, where you get to run and watch/listen to ’90s one-hit wonder bands perform live at every mile mark. De La Soul with Digital Underground and Young MC are slated for this year’s run, among others. Hmmm, can people run and bust a move at the same time?

Past attendees have said that it’s more like a concert with 10,000 people than a serious run, but who cares? Sounds like fun. Not only will there be performances throughout the race but there will also be a headliner concert at the finish.

Don’t feel like you’re in good enough shape for the run? No excuses! Especially since Nike offers free weekly 1-, 3-, and 5-mile training runs scheduled all over L.A. at convenient locations in the weeks before the event. And if you’d rather train on your own the Nike site has a six-week training schedule for everyone, from beginners to advanced, that you can print out. So you see? You really have no excuse.

Registration for the run started yesterday, but will be capped off at 14,000 runners. It’s $30 to register but you get a T-shirt, a chance to see five live bands and of course memories of a good time.

The course layout from the site:

The brand new 5-mile course starts at LA Memorial Coliseum at 39th and Figueroa. It heads north on Figueroa with a 180-degree turnaround at Venice Blvd. It passes USC Frat and Sorority Row. Breathe in some culture while running by the LA County Museum of History and then pound through the World Famous LA Memorial Coliseum tunnel to cross the finish line on the field where Olympic athletes treaded at the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games.