My Blog Addiction: A Year in the Making

— by Caroline on Crack

Oooh, Shiny!

I can’t believe it but it’s officially the year anniversary of Caroline on Crack! And I wanted to thank you for reading this here blog and for telling your friends about it, too. Hope it inspired many crazy, fun nights out in L.A.

And I’m grateful to LA Times, Gridskipper, LAist,, LA.COMfidential and the many others for mentioning my posts, too. You’ve made my day on the many occasions I checked my site stats. Also, a lot of my readers have given me great suggestions on how I can make CoC better and you can see it comparing the first post to now.

Muchas gracias to my regular commenters who keep me on my toes by bringing insight to my random thoughts and, on occasion, correcting me.

And salamat, L.A., for keeping it interesting and always giving me something to write about.

::Music swells:: 

Wait! I have more people to thank. My friend Michael, webmaster extraordinaire, for getting me off my duff and helping me create this site in the first place. I’m having so much fun with it! More so than I ever expected. Remember when I thought I’d get bored with it and stop?

And much thanks to my sibs for their brilliant ideas and support. And, last but not least, Chris for helping me stand on my own two feet.

Here’s to a future with many more disco balls and Jameson and Cokes.