Revisiting L.A. With Out-of-Town Guests

— by Caroline on Crack

Jennie the tourist

My sister Sizzler, a former Angeleno, and her husband David are visiting us from New York this week for only a week so I’ve taken it upon myself to think of places to take ’em in L.A. Of course, it’s an L.A. specific to their tastes (read: no tourist traps). So far, I’ve come up with the following.

Friday, August 4

The Rubens and Brueghel Exhibit at the Getty CenterRequisite art exhibit
_ Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles — A s_trange request by sister considering she is a vegetarian

Karaoke at PeppermintA tribute to the couple’s years in Japan

Sunday, August 5

Sunday Brunch at Saddle Ranch & Happy Hour at Cabo Cantina — Cuz it’s too much fun
Little Miss Sunshine 21+ screening at the Arclight — A funny movie + cocktails in the best movie theater

Monday, August 7

Showgirls at Mickey’s — Something completely different and because we must
Martinis at the Abbey — Our fave WeHo hangout

Tuesday, August 8

Stroll through Venice Boardwalk to Santa Monica Boardwalk — They wanted to do something beachy
Early dinner at Cha Cha ChickenThe perfect way to end the stroll on the beach
The Muppet Movie at the Santa Monica Drive-In at the Pier — Muppets! Nuff said.

Wednesday, August 9

Hiking around Mount Hollywood — A fave pastime from our years living in Hollywood
Philippe’s — Again, not sure how this will work with the vegetarian
Bingo at Hamburger Mary’sBecause they’ve never played bingo like this
Barhopping on Cahuenga Corridor — I promised one night of good barhopping