SoCal Sporty Spice: My Friends Can Kick Your Ass

— by Caroline on Crack


I was never into team sports, which is a shame since I really could use some team-building skills. Fortunately, I have a bunch of girlfriends who can show me a thing or two about how to kick ass and make friends while doing it. From roller derby to kickball, take your pick of which sport with lovely ladies you want to spectate or be part of.

Angel City Derby Girls

Bette Noir, a Betty Page-esque beauty with big eyes and a sweet face, likes to sport striped knee-highs and glitter laces and can body check any unfortunate soul who gets in her way. Her team, the Angel City Derby Girls, compete in the country’s growing sport, flat-track roller derby — rougher than the roller derby of yore. 

ACDG is always on the lookout for new recruits and would-be roller girls only have to fit the following criteria:

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Have a great attitude
  • Basic skating skills
  • Have your own gear (skates/pads/helmet/mouthguard)
  • Ability to attend to 3 practices a week
  • Willingness to participate in League operations and other functions

To get a taste of the team, you can join the girls at their practice at World on Wheels every Wednesday. For $10 you can skate with them. Just bring your skates, helmet, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards.

NEXT PRACTICE: Wednesday, July 19 at 8pm

4645 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90019

Hollywood United Girls Soccer  


Beate or, as I like to call her, “the blonde bombshell,” always has perfect makeup and hair but she can probably take you down with one effective headbutt. Bee currently co-captains the Hollywood United Girls Soccer team (H.U.G.S), a group of hot soccer-playing mamas. Sponsored by Adidas and equipped with a thick portfolio of cheesecake team photos, the girls like to kick the ball around every Wednesday and Sunday 3-4pm at the Crossroads School on Olympic and 17th Street. Currently, they’re on the hunt for “a few good women who know how to have fun, aren’t afraid of working hard and look good doing it.”

To see the girls in action, check out their good form in their first game ever at Crossroads on August 13.

FIRST GAME: Sunday, August 13 at 3pm

1715 Olympic Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90404

Awesome Helicopter Ninjas Kickball

Kickball My best girl, Dre, loves her some kickball. And well she should. Even though I have yet to check out their games every Monday night somewhere in North Hollywood, her face lights up every time she talks about her co-ed kickball team, the Awesome Helicopter Ninjas, CA Studio division.

Yes, Charlie Brown, SoCal has kickball leagues. There are divisions, tournaments, sponsors and a Founders Cup championship! And anyone can join.

NEXT GAME: Monday, July 17 at 7pm

North Hollywood Rec Center
11430 Chandler Boulevard
North Hollywood, California

Tonight, join the kickball teams after their game at their official division bar, the Sportsmen’s Lodge, for the midseason party — free beer, karaoke and even a charity bachelor/bachelorette auction where you can bid on willing and sexy team members to raise money for the Hathaway House. Hey HEY hey!

MIDSEASON PARTY: Monday, July 17 at 9pm-ish

12833 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, California 91604
(818) 980-5362