Bonjour, Bastille Day! Santa Barbara French Festival

— by Caroline on Crack


“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” “La plume de ma tante!” “Vous etes une super nana.” OK, even after five years of high school French, that’s pretty much all the French I know. But I can still appreciate a good time en francais. This Bastille Day weekend, Santa Barbara is throwing the largest French celebration in the Western U.S.: the French Festival, complete with mimes, belly dancers, cancan dancers, cabaret music and, of course, French cuisine. Mmm, crepes! Mmm, cheeses! Et bien sur, champagne and wine.

There will even be painters replicating Impressionist style art near a mini Eiffel Tower. And who won’t stick around for Sunday’s Poodle Parade where those poor doggies are sheared and clipped like hedges and then lead out in public? Zut alors!

With admission free, 20,000 Francophiles are expected to attend to celebrate France’s Independence Day. BTW, did anyone celebrate Canada Day?

EVENT: Saturday and Sunday, July 15 & 16, 11AM to 7PM

Oak Park
Santa Barbara, California 93105
Information: 805-564-PARIS (805-564-7274)