The Voodoo Room Will Put a Spell on You

— by Caroline on Crack

Tiki drinks at the VooDoo Room

POST EDIT: Ferget it. This place went the way of its predecessors and is now CLOSED. So far, no word on what’s takng its place on this cursed corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Robertson.

Maybe it’s because it’s summer or the fact that I didn’t get to go to Hawaii this year, but lately I’ve been in a Hawaii state of mind as you can probably tell by the tiki party, Hawaiian breakfast and paradise birthday cake.

So it’s no wonder that the Voodoo Room in West Hollywood caught my eye. I’ve seen that little spot on the busy corner of Robertson and Santa Monica go through so many incarnations that I’ve learned to ignore it. But the Voodoo Room will not be ignored, Dan!

Online reviews tout it for its spicy tapas and creative tropical drink concoctions. What’s this I hear about a strawberries, balsamic vinegar and a creme fraiche specialty cocktail? And other cocktails like the Voodoo Doll, Tiki Fuck Me Up and Dirty Rotten Scoundrel sound too devilish with high eff-you-up factor to pass up.


The Voodoo Room is more about quality and how their clientele perceives their establishment more than a few cents worth of vodka. In addition to the classic drinks they have flaming signature ones as well. The house specialty is the “Voodoo Doll,” a powerful concotion of vanilla run, ginger extracts, pineapple rum and shot of Bacardi 151 served in a half lime and set on fire. Sink it into the drink before it goes out to add an extra kick to this amazing drink.

And the fact that it’s a tiki bar that serves good and reasonably priced food puts Voodoo ahead of Trader Vic’s and Tiki Ti for me. Mmm! Chicken Korma Curry served with banana, cucumber riata and mango chutney ($8.50). Yummy! Tandoori Beef with tomato, onions and a hot mango chutney ($14).

But when I went to check it out today for a bit of hair of the dog after last night’s mai tai debauchery, they were closed! Hmpf! And not only were they closed on a Monday, but they’re only open from Wednesday through Sunday. And even then, it’s only for dinner from seven til “you go home.” I guess since they’re located on a bad luck corner with a slew of unsuccessful predecessors, they have to be frugal with their hours. Either that or they’re doing the laidback Tiki Ti thing by only opening on popular going-out nights.

With attractive tiki decor, an outdoor patio and even volcano bowls and tiki mugs to drink out of, the Voodoo Room sounds like a great place to spend a hot summer evening in L.A. when you’re dying for a bit of paradise. Tarot card Wednesdays (ooh!) and Sunday brunch specials (aah!), only up the magnitude of its pull. Check back for when I review that thar tarot card night.

8948 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, California 90069
(310) 855-7560