From the Road: Salsa Dancing in Vancouver

— by Caroline on Crack

Salsa Dancing in the Champagne Lounge

My first night in Vancouver, I had to check out the nightlife. Unfortunately, since it was a Monday night that limited our options. At the last minute, I came up with the Crush Champagne Lounge which is just about three blocks from our hotel. says:

A seductive sleekness distinguishes this lounge, which strikes that appropriate balance between chic and soothing. Dozens of champagnes give truth to the place’s name, and they’re joined by a fantastic wine list and a menu of spirits and cocktails too. Music…finds much favor with the 30-something clientele, who dance, relax, and groove to the rhythms of occasional live performers.

The cover was $6 Canadian since it was “

SalsAddiction Mondays.” Getting there after 10pm, we just missed the free salsa lesson and people were already spicing up the dance floor with their newly learned moves. It made me want to look into those salsa lessons I’ve heard about at Monsoon and The Conga Room back in L.A. (sigh, I miss home). 

My friend and I staked out a spot right off the dance floor as people twirled and kicked up their heels right in front of us. Afraid they’d step on our open-toed shoes we moved over to the bar where we were waited on by a really cute Aussie bartender — the only real eye candy in the place._ _

But after I had two glasses of Freixenet champagne ($8.95 for a mini bottle) a nice man came up to me and asked me to dance. I tried to decline but he wouldn’t take “I don’t know how to salsa” as an excuse. He taught me some basic salsa, merengue and cumbia moves, so he said since I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And before I knew it, I was twirling around the dance floor. Maybe not with the greatest of ease but it was still a lot of fun.

After an hour I was kinda over it. Especially since my friend didn’t seem to be having as much fun sitting and talking with the cute bartender, who said that on other nights of the week the lounge is a pretty popular club.

It seems like a nice venue with a large dance floor and lots of couches, but since we’re leaving tomorrow, I’ll just have to take his word for it.

1180 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
(604) 684-0355

1,280 miles from L.A.