From the Road: Refreshing Mt. Shasta

— by Caroline on Crack

Mt. Shasta II

First impression of Mount Shasta? A gorgeous and humbling site to behold. It’s no wonder that the small town of Mt. Shasta seems to be filled with yoga schools and organic grocery stores. You feel in awe of nature with that big mountain looming overhead.

Even in June with 90-degree weather, the peak, the second highest one in the Cascade Range, was still dressed in snow. We hiked a little at its base in Bunny Flat (elevation 6,860 feet) wearing tank tops, jeans and cheapie hiking boots, feeling really silly as better-equipped hikers in snowpants who wielded hiking poles trudged past us.

Since we weren’t allowed to hike to 10,000 feet without a permit, not that we were gonna, we stopped at the treeline before the mountain grade got steep. Just as well since we didn’t have the waterproof boots or even the balance to move across the snow without slipsliding all over the place. I felt like a drunk person stumbling home after a long night at the bar, or rather flashbacked to last Saturday night.

I would have liked to explore the hiking trails without all the snow. As it was, hiking with soggy socks is not fun. So if you ever have a hankering for serious hiking, head north to Shasta between June and September and make sure to pack smart.

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