From the Road: The Beanery in Ashland

— by Caroline on Crack


Hey all,

Currently on the road to Vancouver. Yesterday was the start of the trip: L.A to Mt. Shasta. A grueling drive only because of the heat, which got up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit up around Redding. Anyhoo, today we’re on our way to lovely Eugene.

Right now I’m blogging from The Beanery (Oregon’s original coffeehouse for what it’s worth) in Ashland, home of the Shakespeare Festival. They make a pretty good Java Trio Freeze ($3.50) which is essentially like a Frappucino at Starbucks. It’s a lot for your money, not that any of you would schlep all the way to Ashland for one. The coffee menu itself is a confusing mix of Cafe Borgia, Chocolate Caramel Truffle and Mud Slide. The fact that there aren’t any pictures or descriptions of said caffeine concoctions doesn’t do anything to motivate purchase. But fortunately, the baristas are very helpful and friendly, answering any questions.

The coffeehouse crowd seems to be a mixed crew of grimy men with dirt-tinted wife beaters and inked hippy chicks filling out Sudoku puzzles in the Oregonian with flower pens.

The Beanery’s a nice stop-off on the long road to Portland, if that’s where you’re heading. Otherwise there’s, of course, a Starbucks down the street to suit your mainstream leanings. 

1602 Ashland Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520