Dear Caroline on Crack: Dinner and a Mystery?

— by Caroline on Crack

A nice side effect of writing this blog? People asking me for advice about what to do in L.A.

Hey Caroline,

I read your blog and I figure that being the socialite you are, you would be the best person to ask this question. My friend’s b-day is coming up next week and my other friends and I were thinking it would be fun to go for a dinner and mystery somewhere in L.A. We’re a group of fun-loving, witty, mildly geeky (with a great sense of humor) individuals, ranging from 25-35. Do you have any recommendations for a dinner and a mystery place in L.A?

~ Velma and the Scooby Doo Gang

Hi Velma,

Are you talking murder mystery theater? I don’t know much about that but people always recommend the Magic Castle to me. Every person I know who has gone there said it’s just so much fun AND they celebrate birthdays there AND even have dining. I even considered throwing my own birthday party there.

They have a Houdini seance and dinner, too. The only thing is you have to be a member to get in or the guest of a member. But according to concierges from big hotels can get you in, too.

If that doesn’t work you can take a Dearly Departed tour which takes you on a tour of L.A. and all the spots of notoriety, scandal and murder. They have one coming up on the 17th. Those always sound like so much fun. And since the tour departs and returns to Hollywood there are many restaurants you can do a birthday dinner.

For your young, fun-loving crew, I’d suggest Pig & Whistle, an old 1920s Hollywood restaurant where for $50 a person you can do a bed menu of finger foods in one of their Blue Room’s queen-size canopied beds with 10 of your friends (requires reservations 2 days in advance). Although many reviews say the food is so-so, others enjoy the venue for its lively bar scene. And when the evening really gets going on Saturday nights, the restaurant turns into a nightclub with a dj and dancing.

Hope that helps.