Places I'll Never Show My Face in Again: Joe's Main Street Diner

— by Caroline on Crack

photo by Bill Ray Dupunt/SM Mirror

Went here on an early Sunday afternoon and since I was alone, I sat at the counter. Right in the middle, not behind the cash register or anything where I could be overlooked. And yet it still took 10 minutes for the waitress, Bambi, to come up to me and take my order.

Starving, I asked one of the servers if I could order and he called out her name asking her to help me but she was in the middle of sorting receipts and yelled over her shoulder, “Inna minute!”

The chef even said something to her and pointed at me, and she said, “I’m moving as fast as I can!” But even though she knew I was waiting, it still took her 5 minutes to mosey on over to me.

I tried to look at it as a typical no-frills diner. If this was Mel’s Diner from Alice, she would be Flo. Just not as colorful. But when I got my order of a basic breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, country potatoes and buttered toast ($7-ish), it sucked. It was flavorless, even after I added salt and hot sauce to the eggs. I didn’t even finish it. I mean, I could make a better breakfast and that’s saying a lot.

It was too bad, too. I was looking forward to having a nice place where I can grab breakfast by myself on a Sunday morning. After all, there’s nothing better than having a cup of Joe and reading the Sunday Times over scrambled eggs and bacon at an old-fashioned diner. Unfortunately, this ain’t the place for that. Tasty breakfast? Quick and friendly service? Nope and nope.

I’m better off grabbing breakfast at the Omlette Parlor or The Firehouse (both have counters) or the Rose Cafe which has a lovely patio.

2917 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 90405
(310) 392-5804