Beauty Mix 2: A Mingle and a Makeover

— by Caroline on Crack

By Redlight Productions

The one thing I hate about preparing for a night out on the town, in addition to having to find a thing to wear, is figuring out how to wear my hair or do my makeup. That always increases my prep time by an hour…or two and just makes me not even want to bother.

So reading about Jenn Laskey‘s upcoming Beauty Mix 2 party struck a cord in me. Why yes, I would love it if someone did my hair and makeup for me before I hit the town! And since the beautifying mixer is from 7 to 10pm, pre-nightclub hours, on a Thursday I could basically emerge from the salon and into a bar scene without having to retouch my makeup.

Or, with an open bar, catered appetizers, a dj and dancing, I could party it up right there in Cristophe Salon with the young trendsetters and professionals in attendance.

This monthly mixer, sponsored by a different glossy magazine each month, offers guests gift bags and a $50 Cristophe Salon gift certificate as well as 50% off all beauty services all day.

For those frugal-minded, like me, 50% off a $400 haircut and style from Cristophe himself doesn’t seem like much of a score. But all others may think it’s worth the $200 to get their hair did by the same guy who touched Bill and Hillary Clinton’s locks. OR you can just have your hair styled by a regular stylist for a discounted $55 and up.

Personally I may go with the highlights which are $50 and up (with discount) or even the $50 (discount) makeup lesson to prevent future prep time panic attacks.

After you’re all pretty and stuff, you may want to check out Jenn Laskey’s other event, Thursdays at Holly’s — Hollywood’s new hot spot (RSVP with her to get on the guest list).

EVENT: Thursday, June 15 from 7-10pm

348 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210

To book a salon service: (310) 274-0851