Everybody Wang Chung: Saints & Sinners' Prom

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by GardenGal

Flickr Shot by GardenGal

I never went to my prom. It just seemed lame. Instead, I think I stayed home and practiced dance moves in front of my mirror. Have I always regretted that I skipped out on what should be a landmark occasion in every teen girl’s life? Nope, especially since I knew that I’d be invited to proms well into my adulthood.

Saints & Sinners, your favorite West L.A. theme bar and mine, is throwing its own version of the popular prom theme party, complete with the crowning of the S&S King and Queen at midnight. (I want that crown!) And I’m pretty sure the punch will be spiked.

To participate in this oh-so-special night, show up in your best ’80s prom getup and get priority entrance. They suggest taffeta dresses and ruffly tuxedo shirts, but I’m thinking, why not go whole hog and have fun? That’s right, emulate that classic DIY dress from Pretty in Pink or wear a skinny tie to go with your Flock of Seagulls do.

Crimped hair, fluorescent anything, legwarmers, girl mullets, poofy sleeves… Bringing back nostalgic albeit cringeworthy fashion is always funny…um, fun for everyone.

I can’t wait! I already got my fun prom date lined up; now where did I store that hair crimper?

EVENT: Sunday, June 4 at 10pm

10899 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90034
(310) 824-8066