Dancing With Wolves: Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Cornettino

Flickr Shot by Cornettino

This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard about (thanks to Abby for the tip) and it’s so cool that Southern Californians can take part in something like this: You can go to the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley and not only visit with the captive rescued wolves there but you can even pet them, howl with them and give ’em snacks! They’re that tame.

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is one of the few sanctuaries where human interaction is allowed. The caretakers feel that since these wolves will be captive for the rest of their lives that exposure and interaction with humans are important. Currently there are 17 wolves ranging from 2 to 19 years old. And the site asks that if you bring treats for the wolves to make sure that you bring 17 so that none of them are left out. Awww!

Suggested wolfie snacks: frozen turkey/chicken drumsticks, soup bones, or Costco dog bones. You can also bring raw beef or chicken, and fruit in the summer. But make sure that you get permission from a staff member before you feed the wolves.

Unfortunately for us, it seems the family who runs the sanctuary will be moving the wolves to Arizona in the next several weeks so get some wolf loving while you still can.

Visitor Times: Thursday through Sunday, 11am-3pm

Cost (Donation):

  • 1-2-hour tour — $20
  • Half-day tour — $50
  • Full-day tour — $100

Reservations/Information: (760) 248-7818