L.A. at Your Fingertips: An iPod City Guide

— by Caroline on Crack


Did you know that there are city guides you can upload to your iPod? It sounds like a good idea in theory. Anyone who has an iPod, which means everyone, can have bar, restaurant, event, etc. information at their fingertips.

WCities offers free Pod CityGuides to 300 cities around the world. Besides popular destinations, you can get minute info on places like Auckland (New Zealand), Dalian (China) and Reykjavik (Iceland) among many others.

But more importantly, there’s one for L.A. I was excited about it at first but after I uploaded the many notes to my iPod, which wasn’t too difficult to do, I saw just how inconvenient it was.

I mean, I’m very lazy to begin with so it felt like such a chore to have to scroll through all the different menu options with no hope of just clicking to get to where I wanted to go. Besides, scrolling and reading at the same time hurts my eyes. I’d rather just look up stuff on my computer at home and then print out the information.

Sample of the L.A. city guide’s Sky Bar write-up:

Stars mingle with their friends amid gorgeous city views. If you can get in, it is worth the experience. There is no cover, but drinks cost a staggering USD18 each.

And I don’t see how much more convenient this method would be when you’re abroad. Sure, you have the address and phone number of a place but you still need a map to get there. Most guide books come with maps so I’m thinking lugging one around is preferable. 

But really, “A” for effort, “C” for execution. It would be really cool, if say for the photo or video iPods they had the ability to show pictures of the places and maybe even maps. That’s what I’M talking about.