Snorg Tees: They're All Gonna Laugh at You!

— by Caroline on Crack
OK, you’re probably over the whole message on a T-shirt thing. I was, too, until I saw this one. Come on! Dat’s funny! It’s so L.A. Along the same lines as, “Don’t you know who I am?” Hmm, they SHOULD make a shirt about that.

Anyway, Snorg Tees has all these great T-shirts with different sayings. The following made me giggle:

I Have the Body of a God: See? cuz it’s really a picture of Buddha and not some Greek god. Heh. This would probably be funnier on a guy though.

I’m Huge in Japan: This will help people to understand why you bleach your hair orange and slather on the fake tanning cream all the time.

Viva la Stewart: John Stewart 2008.

Wish You Were Beer: Because only beer understands.

All the t-shirts are made out of form-fitting American Apparel jersey tees and available in both men and women sizes ($16.95 each).