Fancy a Shag? RSVP Now

— by Caroline on Crack

Shag Flier

I usually steer clear of clubs like Mood, Cabana Club and LAX since unlike Paris, Nicole and Ashton, I am admittedly not too cool for school. But hearing about the grand opening of Shag, a night presented by L.A. nightlife shakers Avant Garde and, I just have to check it out. That and keeps sending out emails and putting up Myspace bulletin board posts telling me to “RSVP NOW!” What can I say? I’m easily swayed.

Shag is taking over the old Concorde club’s space and has apparently transformed it into “a French-themed playground with marble floors, leopard-skin seating and an elegant ambience,” according to Sounds tres elegan-tay. But whatever.

The buzz on this club is that Geisha House owner Shereen Arazm, not Ashton, is behind it. Vanity Fair and those Desperate Housewives have already held their private events there. And for marketing company Avant Garde and L.A. nightlife know-it-all (affectionately said of course) to promote its kick-off…well, we know where this is heading. Paparazzi paradiso.

On Thursday, May 4, Hollywood’s “It” boy and Cabana Club’s resident cutie on Saturday nights, DJ Splyce, will be manning the turntables and “several top celebs are rumored to be attending.”

I almost didn’t RSVP when I read somewhere that I should “dress to impress,” and I don’t know what that means. Will simply dressing nice do or should I invest in some True Religion jeans? Eek!

To RSVP, submit your guest list to

EVENT: Thursday, May 4 at 10pm

1835 N Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90026
Cover: $10