My 15 Seconds in Today's L.A. Times

— by Caroline on Crack

Photo by Lawrence K. Ho/LA TIMES

Photo by Lawrence K. Ho/LA TIMES

Woo hoo! Caroline on Crack got a very brief mention in today’s Los Angeles Times because of my readers’ comments on a post I did about that after-hours club, Xenii. Of course it was all because of the readers but it’s a front page story, baby! (Thanks, readers!)

Gatsbies and the Wannabes
by David Pierson
April 26, 2006

If you are the kind of person who needs to name-drop B-celebrity names in order to validate your existence, then this is the place for you,” wrote “Lordy,” an anonymous poster on the nightlife and L.A.-centric website “Caroline on Crack.” “It’s about as socially rewarding as a monster truck rally.”