Design-her Gals: Fun Customized Stationary

— by Caroline on Crack

Look at me, I'm a cartoon!Just found this cool site, Design-her Gals, where you can make a cartoon version of yourself and then print it out on business cards, invitations, note cards, stickers, whatever you want. Unfortunately, it’s just for women right now but then again would guys be interested in something like this: designing a cute cartoon version of themselves?

Apparently this little service made it on Oprah’s May O List of must-haves. But it’s very handy. Brides can put themselves in wedding gowns for wedding announcements and expectant mothers can use the preggers gal cartoon of themselves for baby shower invites.

I decided to try to make one for Caroline on Crack calling cards but then I spent all day trying to find just the right outfit to convey a girl about town. There are some cute clothing options but nothing that looks like anything I would own or wear to a bar. Even in cartoon form, I can’t find a thing to wear.

Prices are decent for customized stationary:

Notecards, Recipe Cards: 25 for $45
#10 Invites: 25 for $65
Calling Cards, Business Cards: 50 for $45
Memo paper: 200 for $45

If you want to you can pay $24.95 for a year membership and print all you want anytime you want from home.