L.A. Connection's Night of the Living Dead: Laugh Until You Drop…Dead!

— by Caroline on Crack


Aren’t zombies funny? They walk really slow, have no real strength and yet many people have died at their decrepit hands which, oddly enough, can easily rip the living to pieces.

So it seems like a natural fit that comedy improv company L.A. Connection–responsible for SNL alum Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan and Jon Lovitz–will be doing a Mad Movies styling of 1968’s horror classic, Night of the Living Dead. My second favorite zombie movie! “They’re coming to get you, Bah-buh-ruh!!”

For their Mad Movies shows, the sound gets turned off and an absurd new plot gets thrown in with live dialogue, all-new music and sound effects. It’s not like Mystery Science Theater 3000 since there’s no running commentary from the peanut gallery but rather an entirely different storyline for a classic movie. Let the living dead hilarity ensue!

Since the comedy theatre’s site doesn’t seem to be up-to-date with no apparent option to purchase tickets, you can sign up with my new favorite site, GoldStar Events, to get the discounted price of $5 (plus $3 service charge). Regular price for tickets is $12.

EVENT: Friday, May 12 at 7:30pm

L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre
13442 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, California 91423