A Few Good Men? HurryDate Singles Wine Tasting

— by Caroline on Crack

I finally decided to try one of those paid-for dating events and am dragging my friend Andrea to the HurryDate Singles Wine Tasting at Tangerine Cantina on May 30th. OK, maybe not “drag” since she bought the tickets this time but we’re both curious to try it out.

Sick of meeting guys in bars we thought we’d try this way and…meet guys. in. this. bar. But at least it’s all very organized and stuff. And this event is not speed dating but rather a wine tasting mixer for singles, specifically HurryDaters, so you don’t have to power through potential dates within an allotted time limit. HurryDate has expanded its repertoire outside of the speed dating realm to include happy hours, dinner parties, comedy nights in addition to the wine tastings.

From HurryDate:

The cozy Tangerine is reserved for HurryDate for the night as the friendly, helpful staff serves great wines to enjoy. There will also be complimentary appetizers to snack on – just don’t talk with your mouth full when you are trying to score a date.

This event doesn’t appear on the HurryDate Web site for some reason. Instead I had heard about it through GoldStar Events, an online site which alerts people to upcoming events in their area and provides a hefty discount on the price of that event. So instead of paying $20-$30 for this wine tasting, it only cost me and Andrea $10 each (plus a $3.50 service charge).

The only apparent problem with this event, though, is that although all the tickets for women are sold out, there are still 9 tickets left for men. Now whether this just goes to show that single women outnumber single men in L.A. or that women are more open to meeting men this way, I don’t know. But I just wanted to put it out there, we need more men.

So, guys, sign up with GoldStar Events and purchase your ticket now. Only cute, funny men in the 28-38-age range with a propensity for something serious need apply.

And if you’re SOL on this event, there’s another wine tasting coming up on June 6th at the same spot. But purchase your tickets asap as these events tend to sell out fast, at least for women they do.

EVENT: Tuesday, May 30 at 7pm