U Show-Off: Wonderful Graffiti & Custom Canvas

— by Caroline on Crack

Perfect Day Graffiti

Cleaning out my shopping bookmark folder I came across some pretty neat things that I had wished I could buy for my “new” apartment but because of their expense they don’t rate very high on my shopping list of priorities. But once I win the lotto? Oooh, yeah.

Wonderful Graffiti: WG let’s you relive that favorite childhood pastime of writing your very important messages on the walls, except instead of crayons they use thin pieces of vinyl that won’t ruin your wall. You can spell out your favorite quote, poem or song or simply put “Get Lucky” over your bed…hey, whatever you want. If you can’t think of anything to say, they offer their own collection of Graffiti Originals designed by their talented text designers. Prices vary according to size, but basically for 3 inches high and 4 feet long, it costs $25.

Custom Canvas

Custom Canvases: You can turn your favorite photos into Warhol-type paintings. Of course to get a nice-size canvas will cost you a pretty penny but it’s your original work of art! Since I’m a flickr freak I can easily lose a small fortune to this endeavor but it would be worth it. They have five different canvas types to choose from: standard, premium, ultra premium, museum profile and multi canvas. Prices range from $58 for a tiny 6×6-inch standard canvas to $3,825 for nine 20×24-inch multi premium canvases.

What would be really cool is to combine the two!