Cheeseball: Clementine's Extreme Grilled Cheese-Off

— by Caroline on Crack

Clementine Breakfast Sandwich
I’ve always loved Clementine in Century City, located off Santa Monica Boulevard directly across the street from the mall. I love them for their wonderful baked goods, their French cafe-style sidewalk setup and especially for their breakfasts. But it wasn’t until now that I realized why I really love them. Because they do things like celebrate “Grilled Cheese Month.” Who knew there was a whole month dedicated to grilled cheese and why didn’t anyone tell me?

You can start celebrating now. Because for the entire month of April, Clementine will feature a daily head-to-head grilled cheese sandwich competition. Each day two sandwiches will be featured.

From the site:

We will set the spread for each match-up — when you order, you bet on your favorite, in hopes of winning the trophy. The last week of April will be Tournament Week only the best of the best grilled cheese will compete, and only one Clementine Cheeseball Champion will be crowned.

Today’s matchup?

In this corner: Brie with Spin — brie with spinach and apples served open-faced on a French baguette with a side of balsamic raisins $8.95

In the other corner: Meaty Chili and Cheddar — cheddar cheese with zesty, all-meat chili on country white bread $9.25

Hmm, I put my money on Brie.

On a side note, Clementine just recently started offering high tea on Thursdays where from 3 to 5pm you have five different loose-leaf teas to choose from to enjoy with currant scones with clotted cream and lemon curd as well as delectable tea sandwiches and dainty sweets. Reservations are recommended and it’s $18.95 per person.

1751 Ensley Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90024
(310) 552-1080

Parking Tip: Scouring for street parking in the area can be a bitch. I should know, and so does Clem’s since they offer curbside delivery for those who don’t want to deal. But I found out that not only is there an additional parking lot in the alley to the east of Ensley but there’s also 2-hour parking up the street on Wilkins Avenue, and on Club View Drive, 1 block north of Santa Monica Boulevard.